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Published by Mariella Eripret - CNC <> | Keywords : AC2G

Partner 15: AC2G SARL

AC2G society founded in January 2012 is a limited liability company with a capital of €10,000 and consists of a single shareholder. The main business activities are in France and abroad, all communication services, events, public relations, media relations, training, incentives, trading and related accessories. It is involved in the promotion of French shellfish and particularly oysters through the organization of the National Oyster Festival and the French National Oyster Opening Championships. In addition the company AC2G has a consultant role specializing in Seafood, though, among other things, a close cooperation with the National Union of Fishmongers in France.


Key persons

Anne-Catherine Gillet is AC2G’s manager and founder. She has extensive experience in the field of communication, marketing and special event.
 She has been involved in numerous events, dedicated to professionals in France and abroad such as: trade shows, product launches, conferences, exhibitions, sports competitions, seminars, incentive project, entertainment outlet, company visits, products tasting. Within the framework of these missions, she was implied at the time in various communication and marketing strategies such as:

  • Creation and implementation of corporate identity (logo, slogan, graphics),
  • Commercial brands identities management (from graphic to communication tools production),
  • Development and production of websites, corporate brochure, product and service catalogs, advertising inserts, customer magazines, advertising, packaging, POS and advertising items, concept-store,
  • Building a strategy of public relations and media relations: press trip, company visit, partnership, co-branding, media monitoring, press releases and press kits. 

Over the years she has specialized in the food sector (from producer to customer point of view). For about 10 years she has been involved in the seafood industry, in respect of which she is recognized by seafood professionals. 

Last modified on the Monday 30 December 2013