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Published by Mariella ERIPRET <> | Keywords : AMA

Partner 5: Associazione Mediterranea Acquacoltori

The Associazione Mediterranea Acquacoltori (AMA), founded in 2002, promotes the care, protection and coordination of associated enterprises, in support of aquaculture activities along the chain. In 2010 there are 64 member companies, with production amounting to about 32,000 t of mussels and 11,000t of clams. Since its inception the AMA has been linked to LEGA PESCA, Association of cooperative operating in the sector of the economy of fish, with 430 cooperatives, 13 Producer Organisations and 25 partnerships and companies.


AMA is also recorded as a framework for research and development in the Registry of the National Research 58245ACX code, presenting projects at national level in the field of technological development in various areas of aquaculture, is recognized by the Ministry MIPAAF as a representative participant in the advisory bodies and deliberative, and since 2009 has been recognized throughout the Country as a legal entity, as well as certification of the Prefecture of Rimini - local Government – Prot 344/2009/Area NI.

Key person 

Giuseppe Prioli has been the President of the AMA since 2009. He is also Director of the Research MARE Scarl, and President of the Consortium of mussel farmers of Emilia Romagna. Is a member of S.I.B.M. (Italian Society of Marine Biology), of EAS (European Aquaculture Society) and participates in the Technical Committee Maritime Fishing (LR 3 / 1979) Emilia Romagna and in the "BlueTable" Fisheries of the Province of Rimini. During his career he gained experience in the field of studies and research on breeding molluscs, monitoring activities of companies in the commercial fishing and aquaculture, and in the field of hygiene and quality in fish production, with particular reference to mussels and clams. He had charge also in lectures on technology, production and health of shellfish farming. 

Last modified on the Monday 30 December 2013