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Published by Mariella Eripret <> | Keywords : Comité National de la Conchyliculture ; CNC

Partner 1: Comité National de la Conchyliculture

The Comité National de la Conchyliculture (CNC)created in its current form in 1991, ensures the representation of all producers and distributors of shellfish in France. The Act of July 27, 2010 for modernization of agriculture and fishing optimizes its operation by articles L 912-6 and following of the rural and maritime fisheries Code. The inter branch organization of shellfish farming includes also 7 regional committees (CRC) located in each region of production. It gathers 100% of the 4643 French shellfish farming companies for a production of 200 000 tons in 2010 (oysters, mussels, clams and some other shellfish).


The missions of the CNC and the CRC include:

- Representation and promotion of the general interests of these activities,

- Participation in the organization of a balanced and sustainable management of resources,

- The association to the implementation of order and precautionary measures to harmonize the interests of the different sub-sectors,

- Participation in the improvement of the conditions of production and, in general, the realization of economic and social actions for the members of the professions concerned,

- Participation in the defense of the quality of shellfish waters.

The CNC is also responsible for:

- promoting the shellfish farming products,

- improving knowledge in the shellfish farming sector and promoting quantitative and qualitative adaptation between offer and demand for shellfish farming products,

- harmonizing production and marketing practices.

As such, it is the mandatory interlocutor of the Government for law or regulation, relating to the shellfish and must be kept informed of the guidelines of Community policy in this area. To exercise its missions, the CNC is placed under the Ministry in charge of aquaculture.

Key persons

Mr Sébastien Chantereau: Sébastien is the general secretary of the CNC. He has also been responsible for studies since 2004. Its mission is the tracking of health monitoring and quality management systems of shellfish farming products, and the monitoring of the quality of the environment and the health quality of bivalve molluscs of commercial interest production. He is also responsible for the scientific intelligence and monitoring of the scientific work, studies and research. His work is oriented on specific topics such as the environment, the quality of the media, watershed, bacteriology, animal health, genetic.

Mr Bruno Guillaumie: Bruno is responsible of the European affairs at the national committee of shellfish farming (CNC, EMPA’s founder member) that gathers 10 000 French shellfish companies (producers, depurators, dispatchers, shippers and the various sales points). He insures also the Secretariat General of EMPA headed by CNC. He has been involved in previous EU projects (SEAFOOD+, CONSENSUS) and in the on-going BIVALIFE project. Within the framework of these missions, he was implied at the time of various research programs in partnership with IFREMER and framed many trainees (thesis, engineer...) in fields such as: microbiological and marine biotoxins risks, quality of water and shellfish products, techniques of breeding, summer mortalities and socioeconomic data collection and dissemination... He also has extensive experience in the field of socio-economic studies in the sector of fisheries and aquaculture for which he produced numerous studies, provided French national technical assistance of the Community Initiative PESCA and animated a network of partners associated with the local development of areas dependent of the sea, particularly inemployment and training, in respect of which he has coordinated several network projects co-financed by the European social fund.. He will bring to EUROSHELL program: necessary analysis to be carried out with the professionals, integration from their practical point of view, elaboration of methodology and tools, dissemination of the results and tools, and coordination of the project.

Last modified on the Wednesday 05 March 2014