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Published by Mariella Eripret <> | Keywords : Producenten organisatie van de Nederlandse Mosselcultuur ; POM

Partner 7: Producenten organisatie van de Nederlandse Mosselcultuur

The Producers’ Organization of the Dutch mussel culture (POM) was founded on the 25th of February 1998 and has its residence in Yerseke in the Netherlands. The organization gathers 90 mussel farmers (owned by about 55 companies), 87 of which are member of the Dutch mussel PO. There are 3 non-members. All these non-members bind themselves to the regulations of the Dutch mussel PO. Therefore the representativeness of the Dutch mussel PO is 100%.

Logo PO Mosselcultuur
Logo PO Mosselcultuur

Its mission is defined by EC regulation 104/2000 in the framework of the Common Market Organization.

Key persons

Jaap Holstein is the foreign affairs advisor of POM. In this framework he has been involved in European research project such as: SEAFOOD+, CONSENSUS, BIVALIFE, and REPROSEED. At the Dutch level he is involved in the management of the Water Framework Directive and in the relation with the NATURA 2000 network.

Paula Huissen is the Board management assistant. She is involved in foreign affairs, market aspects, and social relation with the Dutch producers. She is involved in the European BIVALIFE project. 

Last modified on the Monday 30 December 2013