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Published by Bruno Guillaumie - CNC <> | Keywords : Euroshell ; Strategy

Overall strategy of the work plan

Over a relatively short time period of 12 months, EUROSHELL will execute a work plan that supports the core objectives and which is made up of 5 components – organized into the work packages of the initiative.

  • Validation of methodologyand best practice for implementation of knowledge transfer (work package 2), which will establish a framework for European, national and regional mollusc producer organizations and individual production companies (SMEs) to have better access to the outputs of EU and national research and to communicate their future research priorities through an extension network. This will benefit scientists to elaborate their research programs and both parties to evaluate the impacts and benefits of research to producers. On the basis of the outcomes of the regional workshops, guidelines will be developed for knowledge transfer and an implementation network, while assessing the options for integration of the sector into EATIP and better cooperation with the relevant FARNET FLAGs.


  • Reviewing current knowledge (work package 3), which will assess the outputs of past and ongoing research projects and existing knowledge that can have a direct impact on the key challenges that the sector is facing.


  • Tools for an extension network (work package 4), which has two key areas:
    • Mapping the sector - a mapping of the sector identifying production zones and major species within key European mollusc producing countries and linking these to research infrastructure, major research and technological development and innovation (RDTI) themes and principal research competences.
    • Roadmap of Research – similar to the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the EATIP, that supports the vision for the development of the sector to a series of prioritized core objectives and the research (under different Thematic Areas) linked to current knowledge and future needs.


  • Regional consultation workshops (work package 5) that will be held in representative parts of Europe for different production technologies and differing levels of existing cooperation between science and producers and focusing on testing the framework proposed in work package 2 and the tools in work package 4, providing input on future vision and strategic research priorities.
Last modified on the Friday 06 December 2013